Based around a 1.6GHz T9550, 4GB of DDR2-400 and a Mobility Radeon 4650 the ASUS N81Vp gaming laptop is still relatively portable thanks to the 14.1″ display and 6 cell battery.  Don’t underestimate that small screen, with a 1366×768 resolution you will be quite happy with the image quality and don’t overestimate the battery, you have a bit over an hour on battery with the power savings turned off. Legit Reviews shows you how it looks, and how it performs, in their full review.

“If you are in the market for an easy system to take to LAN parties or interested in getting in some frags while on the road, the ASUS N81Vp would be a great choice. The ATI HD 4650 does a great job of playing your favorite games and will not disappoint! Also, if you are looking for a desktop replacement for an all-around powerful system, the N81Vp will likely meet your needs and last you well into the future with its durability. I would have no problem recommending this laptop to someone looking to spend ~$1200 on a laptop…”

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