User Experience and Conclusions
Overall I have to say I was mostly impressed with my time spent on the ASUS VW266H monitor even though it probably wouldn’t be competing in the category of highest quality displays.  The primary complaint about the monitor is that uses a TN display that cuts down on viewing angles quite a bit in order to achieve higher response times focused on the center of the display.  This means that users that are able to stay centered on the ASUS VW266H monitor will indeed have a good experience but if you happen to do a lot of moving around your monitor this might not be the best option. 

ASUS VW266H 25.5-in Monitor Review - Going large on a budget - Displays 22

For standard computing on a desktop, the 1920×1200 resolution provides a good amount of real estate in which to function and the larger panel size of 25.5-in means that you won’t have tiny icon and text while running at the display’s native settings.  I know I have had 24-in and smaller displays that have had 1920×1080/1200 resolutions that working on can be pretty difficult with.  And as long as you stay in the general area of the center of the monitor the brightness and contrast ratio of the monitor are superb and make for a great experience. 

ASUS VW266H 25.5-in Monitor Review - Going large on a budget - Displays 23

Gaming and watching videos on the ASUS VW266H turned out to be a great as well – the faster response time eliminated ghosting effects as far as I could tell while sitting and looking for them and my bouts with Far Cry 2 and Lef4 4 Dead (I have a thing for games with numerals in them) were very positive.  I also watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (SD) and most of Dark Knight (HD) on it without any complaints. 

Of course, with all those extra inputs, the ASUS VW266H can do a lot more than all this; if you wanted to connect your Xbox 360 or other gaming console to the display with component or even HDMI, you can easily do that.  The display could even double as a TV monitor if you have a DVR or set top box to output into it.  Users looking for a single display to be the jack of all trades will likely find this budget offering quite compelling.  The only feature I would have loved to see implemented would be PiP (picture in picture) support so you can watch TV coming in over HDMI while gaming over DVI; maybe in another generation or two!

Pricing and Availability

The killing joke for the ASUS VW266H is its price – you can currently get this display for $320 after a mail-in rebate on our pricing engine.  The VK266H model that comes with the integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam goes for about $20 more.  Those prices make the VW266H nearly $100 less expensive than the next model 25.5-in or 26-in (on at least) and compete with quite a few 24-in monitors as well!  That obviously puts the VW266H in the value segment of the market and considering the staggering amount of features you get with the display, these ASUS offerings look to be a great deal if you can work with the modest limitation on viewing angle.

Final Thoughts

The ASUS VW266H and VK266H offer an outstanding combination of features, screen size and price to really put a stamp on the LCD monitor market.  If you are a gamer on a budget or just a PC user looking for a display that can also be used for your console gaming or DVR set top box, then definitely give this ASUS monitor a shot!

ASUS VW266H 25.5-in Monitor Review - Going large on a budget - Displays 24

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