The Scythe Ninja enjoyed a brief time at the pinnacle of the cooling market, it was huge and it was effective.  Not everyone had a great experience with it, for it does not fit in a lot of cases.  The new revision is the Scythe Ninja Mini, going from 150mm tall to only 115mm which has also necessitated a move to an 80mm fan.  At The Tech Lounge they tested it on an AMD system, along with the more expensive Zalman CNPS9500AM2 to see how it compared.  It didn’t do well when it came to the noise it created, but as far as cooling and size it is a winner.

“The Ninja had everything going for it: silence, performance, a low price, and, er, size. It’s monolithic design was a concern, in that people really did need to be concerned that it might not fit in their computers. The Ninja Mini is less of a revision and more of a derivation: a much shorter, broader heatsink that’s got titanic shoes to fill. Besides a simpler mounting system, lighter weight, and improved compatibility, has anything changed? That is to say, does it still perform (to continue the mixed metaphor) like a chainsaw at a water park?”

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