BFGTech is going big with their new PSU, the 1200W EX.  For $250 you can have enough power to run any PC you might have a mind to build, and you won’t have to worry about heat, noise or size.  Guru of 3D didn’t actually have a stress tester powerful enough to load this beast to 100%, but in the testing they did do, the PSU remained cool and quiet.  Also worth mentioning is that BFG fit this much power into a regular sized ATX PSU casing.  You won’t have any troubles fitting this into a tight case, though you won’t be able to fit the four graphics cards this PSU deserves into a mATX case, so that may not matter much.

“BFG today launches their new EX-1200 power supply. A beast of a PSU that is reasonably affordable. A power supply that is silent, efficient, has long cabling, is pure quality, has an ATX size chassis, is completely themed dark and perhaps after all these years might be able to replace my kilowatt PSUs. As what BFG is bringing to the table is comforting.

This 1200 Watt piece of machinery is fairly close to what I consider perfection in terms of design and requirements .. and with a price just under 250 USD, BFG might have something really special on their hands.”

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