Picking up one EVGA GTX 280 will run you almost $500, in order to replicate motherboard.org’s review you would need to spend $1500, plus the 1200W PSU needed to power your system.  Seeing as how performance is provided in bulk, you might hope buying a three pack of GTX 280’s would result in a diminished cost but that is not the case.  Even leaving aside the fact that not every program can handle multiple graphics cards, the scalablity really makes it hard to justify going beyond a pair of GPUs.  Looking through the performance of triple SLI versus dual cards, the numbers speak for themselves.

“It’s been a long time coming with the release of NVIDIA’s GTX280 video card several months ago, but we have finally put together a computer to do Triple-SLI with and this review is the result of that. The problem being that the motherboards that support triple SLI do not support CrossfireX, we also had some issues with video cards which didn’t work in 3D. In any event, today marks our first look at NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 280 Tri-SLI. As we don’t have three GTX285s, nor dual GTX295s this will have to do.”

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