Don’t ask why Enermax is now making keyboards, nor why they would make a laptop style model, with keys only a few millimetres tall, before you head to The Tech Report and see how well designed it is.  If you like a lot of extra buttons on your keyboard you may be disappointed, if you prefer a minimum of buttons and are happy with a pair of audio plugs and a pair of USB 2.0 plugs then you might just love the Enermax Aurora Premium keyboard as much as the reviewer at TR did. 

Plus, it’s cheaper than the Das Kayboard and easier to find than the IBM Model M!
“What’s this? A laptop-style keyboard on the desk of a TR editor, a heavy-duty typist and ostensible keyboard purist? Surely there must be some mistake.

I have to admit, I was initially quite skeptical when I saw the Enermax Aurora Premium. Looks like somebody grafted some laptop keyboard parts into a desktop enclosure, after all, and that can’t really be a good idea. Can it? Fortunately, the folks from Enermax forced the issue by shipping us a box full of their different keyboard models, including the Aurora.”

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