Mionix is a newcomer to the enthusiast market and they are leading with a gaming mouse and a mousing surface.  The Saiph 3200 mouse has a nice black finish and a curved shape that will be familiar to anyone who has seen a gaming mouse.  It also sports multiple buttons including the essential on-the-fly DPI changing and also ships with a set of small weights to allow you to reach the perfect weight for your mouse.  The Alioth 400 is a mousepad that measures 400mm x 335mm, and sports a nice rubber backing to keep the pad in place.  Drop by Driverheaven to get a good look at these two products.

“Today we are going to look at two products from a Swedish company called Mionix. Now, most of you reading this have probably never heard of Mionix as they are a new player and have had relatively little exposure within the English speaking market. Game-1 have kindly provided us with the Saiph 3200 laser gaming mouse and the Alioth mouse mat to accompany it. On the outside both products look like promising pieces of kit and over the next few pages we will put them to test.”

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