Believe it or not, the key to being really cool is modelling clay; that is if we are talking dry ice or liquid nitrogen.  In extreme overclocking tests, the exotic cooling setups used do provide serious cooling but also require a some planning and setup before they are safe.  It is not as simple as pouring LN over top of your current cooler, nor can you just attach a reservoir and start pouring if you want the motherboard to survive.  Legit Reviews shows their technique in hitting serious negative temperatures here; if you do decide to try this avoid freezing any fingers or other important body parts.

“Today we will take you through the steps of a method for insulating motherboards against the harsh elements they are exposed to during extreme overclocking. We’ll be insulating the board for liquid nitrogen benching and we’ll show you how effective this insulation method is in preventing harmful condensation from forming on the board.”

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