Platter based storage may be on the way out, but that doesn’t mean you should be avoiding them as they have never been bigger nor less expensive.  To show off the latest 1TB drives, X-bit Labs has assembled fourteen drives from four different companies.  Some of the drives may seem familiar, but you might be surprised at what an increase in the revision number can do for the performance of a drive you thought you knew.  At the end, there was a clear winner in speed, read on to see which one.

“Recently we have taken a look at our HDD section and found that our previous roundup of 1-terabyte models is almost 1 year old. It is an eternity by the standards of the IT industry. Of course, we have been busy writing reviews of 750GB drives and 640GB drives but the pause is rather too long anyway.

In fact, we could have written a review (or even several reviews) of 1-terabyte drives a long time ago. But being perfectionists, we wanted to accumulate a full collection of drives with 333GB platters. It is Hitachi’s drives that made us wait the most. Announced in July 2008, the Deskstar 7K1000.B series reached us in January 2009 only.

This wait is over now and we can exhaustively cover the topic of hard disk drives with 333GB platters. It’s high time we did this since 500GB-platter models are already coming up (e.g. Seagate ST31000528AS).”

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