It is a stellar time to be an HTPC enthusiast, or to consider becoming one, thanks to AMD’s new business model.  They’ve really opened up the bottom end of pricing in the market, you get to choose between multiple CPU architectures with prices well under $100 and with a list of features that wouldn’t have been available on the top end CPUs in the recent past.  You can pick up one of their HD Tuner cards for about the same price and even slap in an HD4670 that is capable of providing a great gaming experience if you are so inclined.  Whether you are just diving in or have been building them since they were first feasible, drop by PC Perspective’s very own HTPC forum and post your questions, experiences and whatever else strikes your fancy.

If you are more interested in the new high end cards, or at least speculation about what technology and architecture will be used you should check out Josh’s thoughts on the upcoming RV790 and toss in your own thoughts in this thread.  Those who want a more interactive approach, or a string urge to hear themselves on our Podcast should get in touch with Ryan by voicemail at 1-888-38-PCPER or email