The plain old ASUS P6T is a solid board and a great example of why not everyone needs the deluxe motherboard models.  8+2 phase power, solid state capacitors and a well thought out layout are all present on this board, ASUS didn’t sacrifice quality on their lower end X58 motherboard.  If you are just planing on a hefty overclock, say pushing a Corei7 920 to 4GHz and not trying to break overclocking records then there really isn’t anything you will miss, it is even a better choice for those thinking of picking up multilpe graphics cards.  Drop by [H]ard|OCP to see what you think of this $220 motherboard.

“The ASUS P6T Intel Core i7 motherboard is one of the less expensive in the marketplace. While the board itself does not have all the bells and whistles of the others in the ASUS lineup, the P6T’s performance rivals that of the best boards in the bunch. Does 8+2 phase power make a difference? How does it overclock for the dollars spent?”

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