If you are looking for a new company with a rather fresh idea, try Ikonik and their Ra X10 Liquid case.  It is a well designed case with liquid cooling in the form of a pair of radiators, 13 fans and a proprietary System Intelligent Management program, sort of along the lines as nVIDIA’s ESA.  Essentially the SIM is a software controlled voltage regulator for the fans and pumps, and as such it is very handy but perhaps not ground breaking.  Drop by the Guru of 3D for a look at how well this case can cool an overclocked Core i7.

“Here we test the Ikonik Ra X10 Liquid. An all aluminium high design chassis with built in liquid cooling and software controllable fans and pump. The RA X10 series is next to being a efficient and aesthetically pleasing chassis also very hip in terms of innovation. See, the X10 series has what Ikonik calls a SIM module.

The “SIM” version offers the System Intelligent Management PCB and functionality along with a full compliment of case fans. The stuff that makes your toes curls really.”

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