The saga of Larrabee and ray traced graphics has been a topic on PC Perspective for quite a while now, not only in discussions on the board and podcasts, but even Ryan’s chat with John Carmack.  On Friday he posted some new information about Larrabee’s architecture, specifically the name of the new vector instruction set, aptly called ‘Larrabee new instructions’. If you missed out on Friday due to other interests, take a look now.

“It will also look at data formats for Larrabee, when to use Structures of Arrays (SOA) or Arrays of Structures (AOS) and how to use gather/scatter efficiently with the same data structures used in existing game engines. That final point is the most important one for Intel: they need to teach developers how to take advantage of the upcoming Larrabee hardware without dramatically changing current gaming engines or adoption will be much slower than Intel wants.”

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