SANTA CLARA, CA – March 24th, 2009 – MotionDSP Inc. today released vReveal, an easy-to-use Windows application for PCs that fixes common problems afflicting consumer-generated video.

vReveal features patented “CSI”-style super-resolution technology adapted from the forensic applications used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Using the massively parallel processing power in NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs, vReveal instantly cleans up videos that are shaky, dark, noisy, or blurry.

“MotionDSP is passionate about video, and after years of R&D, we are offering the most powerful video enhancement techniques available in an application simple enough for any consumer to use,” said Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “By tapping into the powerful NVIDIA CUDA architecture, vReveal can leverage the impressive number-crunching power available on affordable consumer video cards.”

With vReveal, consumers can dramatically improve the quality of videos captured by cell phones, digital cameras and other handheld devices. It uses familiar one-click touch-up tools to stabilize, brighten and sharpen flawed videos. It has the unique ability to increase detail in low-resolution videos and to remove video “noise,” such as graininess and pixelation. The application can even capture print-quality still images from enhanced videos.

“vReveal is like having a magic button that instantly makes bad videos look great,” said Michael Steele general manager of visual consumer solutions at NVIDIA. “Using the GPU to automatically create video resolution out of thin air is simply amazing. You have to see it to believe it.”

CUDA technology is the name of NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture. The first CUDA GPU was introduced in November 2006 with the GeForce 8800 and has been in every new GPU since.vReveal has been programmed to leverage the tremendous parallel processing power of the 150 million CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs that are in PCs all over the world. With an NVIDIA GPU, vReveal enhances videos up to five times faster than with a CPU, freeing up the CPU for normal everyday tasks like emailing and internet browsing.

A free 30-day trial of vReveal is available for download today on the vReveal web site located at It is also available for download from EVGA and PNY and for purchase for $49.99 from