nVIDIA card owners now have an application that performs a similar task to AMD’s Badaboom, which was released not that long ago.  It is provided by the same company that created FixMyMovie in days gone by, but promises to be more effective.  vReveal harnesses nVIDIA’s new CUDA programming environment to offer a magic 2x button, which promises to take your crappy 320×240 phone cam pictures and upscale it to 640×480.  Don’t expect to be able to use that on pictures with above 576 lines nor make use of SLI while you are upscaling, but it still beats the fuzzy alternative.  The Tech Report has some comparision shots up that you can try, as well as a look at the difference in speed between CPU and GPU processing with vReveal.

“Another application hops on the general-purpose GPU bandwagon. But does consumer- grade video enhancement software really work, and how much can a GeForce GPU help with rendering performance?”

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