Some may have had a rather surreal conversation about how the cord on the mouse is backwards because the tail of a mouse should be at the rear, not the front.  Now try imagining how to explain the Nova SliderX 600‘s tail to them without having your head explode.  Apart from the tail, the rest seems like a regular gaming mouse, numerous buttons, high DPI that can be changed on the fly along with multiple programmable profiles and an LED that changes colour as you switch the profiles.  Drop by ARM3D for a look.

“The mouse comes in an attractive plastic case, which is nice, however it does cause a few problems. Unusually the case is screwed into its base. Nova are nice enough to provide you with a little screwdriver, sadly this is so small that you cant really get a grip on it that makes getting the case off a bit more challenging than it really should be. Getting the case off is only half the battle, as once you have done this you now need to unscrew the mouse from a particularly awkward stand, this is where the screwdriver really is useless and I had to resort to my own tool kit. Eventually i managed to get the mouse free, and could start using it.”

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