While AMD’s new driver may support Windows 7 except for a few small problems, the about to be released Internet Explorer 8 will not work.  Vista and XP should have no problems with it, and may even see some improvements.  The main drive of this release is security and from the testing we have seen it is likely that Microsoft has succeeded, unfortunately the majority of added features have existed in the alternative browsers for a while now.  You can get more information via The Inquirer, or simply wait until 12pm EDT and get it for yourself.

“AFTER A YEAR IN THE WORKS Microsoft will release its Internet Explorer 8 browser later today.

Vole said that its latest generation of browser is more secure at handling malware than its rivals and contains lots of new bits and bobs, most of which have been seen on the likes of Firefox and Chrome for a while.

Oh… and It doesn’t work with Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System yet”

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