MADSHRIMPS caught some pictures of the new OCZ Z-Drive, made of four 250GB SSD drives in RAID-0 with onboard RAM for cache.  What is special is that you can see some benchmark figures from the display.  In HDTune you can see the benefits of the PCIe interface as read and right speeds increase in tandem with file size.  In Sandra, you can see it matched with the Gigabyte iRAM drive and while the response time is the same, the throughput is very different.  Check out their pretty pictures right here.

“OCZ will be launching an SSD based product later this year which promises never before seen performance, 600mb/s read and up to 500mb/s write will not be out of the ordinary. We got a chance to do a few performance tests at Cebit this year where they were demoing a 1000Gb version.”

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