Introduction and Features

NZXT’s new Whisper enclosure is designed to provide a lot of storage space along with noise dampening features for a virtually silent computing experience. It also supports E-ATX motherboards and long expansion cards.
NZXT’s complete line of PC enclosures, accessories, and power supplies has quickly gained market recognition among PC enthusiasts and gamers alike.  In addition to the Crafted series, which includes nine enclosures, NZXT’s Classic Series now features nine more enthusiast grade enclosures including the Whisper, which we will be taking a detailed look at today.

The NZXT Whisper full-tower, steel enclosure features seven external 5.25” drive bays and nine internal 3.5” drive bays to help meet all of your storage requirements.  It uses sound dampening foam pads on both side panels and comes with four low-speed case fans for cooling with minimal noise.  And you can request an additional 120mm front intake fan (free) for more airflow if desired.

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Full-Tower Enclosure Review - Cases and Cooling 29
(Courtesy of NZXT)

Here is what NZXT has to say about their new Whisper enclosure:

Whisper Classic Series: Raising the standard of silent computing.  Finally, a chassis that is designed for the enthusiast that combines noise dampening features with expandability and storage.  Introducing the Whisper silent full tower chassis from NZXT, improving upon the successful NZXT HU-001 chassis, the Whisper is another step up from the Hush.  Featured in a large size E-ATX full-tower, the Whisper can support up to nine hard drives and a total of six 5.25” bays with ample space for large expansion cards.  10mm dampening foam, rubber grommets, and padded PSU holder are some of the major features in silence.  The NZXT Whisper is the complete solution for the enthusiast who is not willing to sacrifice silence for performance.

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Key Features:
  • Silent Performance: 10mm noise dampening foam pads on both side panels, rubber grommets on the Hard Drives reduce vibration noise and a padded PSU gasket work together to dramatically reduce acoustic noise levels within the chassis.
  • Maximum Expandability: Space for nine HDDs and a total of six 5.25” external bays with ample room for large expansion cards and E-ATX motherboards.
  • Simple Installation: Pre-drilled wire management system makes it easy to route your cables and the screwless installation means you won’t be constantly reaching for tools.
  • Advanced Cooling: Whisper includes four fans (one 120mm blue LED intake, one 120mm rear exhaust, and two 80mm rear exhaust).  Bottom mounted PSU separates the heat given off by the PSU and motherboard.

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