Case Cooling and Conclusions
Case Cooling

The Whisper comes with one 120mm intake fan with blue LEDs to pull cool room air in thru the front of the enclosure with three more to exhaust the warm internal air out the back of the enclosure.  Two 80mm exhaust fans work together with the single intake fan to cool the lower HDD bay section of the Whisper enclosure.  The lone 120mm rear exhaust fan is left to cool the entire upper section (unless you request and install an extra intake fan in front – free for the asking).

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Full-Tower Enclosure Review - Cases and Cooling 29

120mm Intake (with blue LEDs)        120mm Rear Exhaust        (2) 80mm Rear Exhaust

For testing, I installed the optional 120mm intake fan in the front of the case for a total of five case fans (three 120mm and two 80mm).  Tests were performed with the fans operating at three different voltages.

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Full-Tower Enclosure Review - Cases and Cooling 30

Note: Sound Pressure Levels were taken 3’ from the front, left-side of the Whisper enclosure with all five fans running.  The ambient background noise level was approximately 27.8 dBA.

At full speed the fans are not silent but are certainly not loud; sort of a whisper!  Slowing the fans down with an optional fan speed controller quickly reduces the noise and at low speeds the Whisper enclosure becomes virtually silent while still moving a little air.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The NZXT Whisper full-tower enclosure is a solid case that provides a lot of storage space and accommodates both E-ATX motherboards and larger expansion cards.  Nine internal drive bay locations permit a lot of flexibility with room for up to nine HDDs with active air cooling.  While not silent, the included noise dampening features do result in a case that is whisper quiet.

NZXT Whisper Classic Series Full-Tower Enclosure Review - Cases and Cooling 31

The NZXT Whisper full-tower enclosure is currently shipping and should be available from your favorite resellers with a typical street price of around $159.00 USD.

•    Large, spacious case
•    7 External drive bays and 9 internal HDD bays
•    Room for large expansion cards and E-ATX motherboards
•    Foam lined side panel, rubber HDD mounts, and PSU gasket help reduce noise
•    Four quiet case fans included (additional intake fan free for the asking)
•    Convenient top I/O panel location
•    Subtle blue LED lighting affects behind front panel
•    Conservative styling will appeal to some

•    Limited airflow in upper section (adding optional front intake fan will help)
•    Requires a PSU with extra long cables

I would like to thank our friends at NZXT for sending us the Whisper enclosure to review.  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price on the Whisper or any of NZXT’s other fine products.

If you have any questions or comments about this article or would like to see what others have to say about the NZXT Whisper enclosure, just click into our Cases, Power and Modding forum to join in the discussion!

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