If you find yourself compelled to watch CSPAN, CNN and are still desperate for more political action then Gamepyre has the perfect game for you.  If you are more into using force and skill at arms to build an empire you may be better off with the Civilizations or Total War series, but if you love minutiae and the thought of 11 different areas of government to keep track of leaves you all aquiver then Geo-Political Simulator 2009 might be far more interesting than the title suggests.  Don’t expect to be wowed by the graphics and sound, this game is all about running a country to the best of your ability, either against the computer, or up to 16 other people in multiplayer.

“This is not a game that can be played in a couple of hours. It is the political version of chess. Every move that you make will have consequences, some good while others bad. Even the alliances that you make can have grave effects on your term. If you are to really enjoy this game then you really have to make the appropriate time for it. And assuming that you have a very great deal of time on your hands, you can even play Commander in Chief – GEO Political Simulator 2009 in multiplayer mode where you and up to 16 other players can compete online for total world domination. Now, do yourself a favor, if politics is not really something that you really dig, stay away from this title unless you have some migraine medicine because the headache is sure to follow.”

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