Overclocking is a tried and true past time for members of the PC Perspective Forums and the reason that the overclocking forum exists and is so popular.  For some it is the challenge of getting the processor to run as quickly as possible, while others are more interested in the graphics subsystem and getting the fans to the right speed.  In the pursuit of that quest, you may run into some users who have interesting techniques.  There are also those who skip the system and head straight for the cooling apparatuses.

Native LCD resolutions is one of the topics of choice at the graphics forums, if you aren’t sure why it is important to use the listed resolution, it is explained well in this thread.  It is similar to the set resolutions on your TV, something you are going to need to know a bit about if you are planning on building your own PVR.

In their off time, forum members like to post some rather odd comments, pick an argument or maybe even sell off old kit.  Drop by your favourite or visit them all!