As SPCR rightly points out, a 430W PSU isn’t really a low power PSU.  Most PCs run without CrossfireX, HybridSLI or a dozen case fans, and those are the only ones that require 1000W PSUs, or even 800W PSUs.  AMD and Intel are both on power savings pushes, RAM voltage isn’t that much nor is the power to most platter based HDDs and all SSDs.  If you aren’t putting in one of the new high end dual GPU cards, then picking up a 800W+ PSU is a choice, not a requirement.  One bonus to using a PSU that doesn’t require extra amperage from your mains is the noise.  Can you remember a PSU that never manages to produce even 20dB at full load?  SPCR can, and they’ve found a brand new Nexus Value 430W PSU that can do exactly that; plus it stays above the 80% efficiency mark.

“It’s an innocuous little ATX12V power supply from silent component pioneer Nexus. This 430W model vaults to the top of the silent PSU charts at SPCR by virtue of its amazingly quiet, yeoman-like performance and its modest price tag.”

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