For some PC users, there really hasn’t been a new graphics card released in quite a long while.  Sure, the gamers have never had it so good, no matter how much they have to spend.  Those who use their graphics cards to create those games, or movies, or TV, etc … have been stuck for a while with last years graphics processor.  Their wait is over, be they nVIDIA fans or AMD fans as both companies have release new lines.  Ryan has reviewed AMD’s new FirePro and nVIDIA’s refreshed Quadro cards in his newest review, which you should head straight to.

“Professional 3D developers are finally getting their hands on the latest GPU technology from NVIDIA and AMD in the form of updated Quadro and FirePro designs. The price gap between the Quadro FX 4800 and the FirePro v8700 might be a little hard to justify for some professionals that don’t spend a lot of time using 3d studio max (where the Quadro really seems to shine) since in some other cases the v8700 will outperform the FX 4800.”

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