A new monitor can make a huge difference in your PC experience, in some cases bigger that a jump in processor generation or a new graphics card.  Of course the decision can’t be easy, once you decide on a size, there are still many variables, including technology that is used to form the LCD matrix.  If you listened to our latest podcast, we gave you a tool to use that should help determine what specs are real and which are simply PR speak.  Give our 49th podcast your attention for a bit while Ryan and Al discuss the ASUS VW266H to find out more for yourself.

The graphics forum is abuzz with AMD news, there is a new driver as well as more and more rumours and info about their next generation graphics card, which will be more than a simple rebranding.  In the HTPC forum, someone is getting a great gift for their significant otherThe recent release of IE8 is catching the attention of the Windows forum while The Lightning Room fans have something completely different on their minds.