It is hard not to like the Cavalry Pelican 32GB SSD.  Not only is it’s MSRP sitting at about $100, it has both a SATA connector and a USB plug, making it perfect as an external drive as well as feeling right at home ensconced in a 3.5″ bay.  Maximum CPU’s reviewer also found that it performed above spec on his machine, and did so as you would expect a SATA drive to; absolutely silently.  You can also get a peek at the board and chips that lie inside.

“Solid state drives, or SSDs are becoming ever more popular as their cost decreases and their capacity increases. These drives have many advantages over modern hard disk drives, however, their perceived high prices and slower speeds have prevented them from being adopted up to this point. The Cavalry Pelican SSD is one of these drives that is capable of effecting a swift and necessary reversal of this misconception.”

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