Looking at the raw stats, the MSI R4870 MD1G is just a normal 4870, there is no factory overclock.  Looking at the card, the lack of an enclosing assembly really stands out, instead it is the oval shaped heatsink and fan that grab your eyes.  MSI claims that the change in cooler should allow the GPU to operate about 20C cooler than the normal heatsink assembly you see.  Drop by [H]ard|OCP and you can see how the cooler does and how this card can perform against other HD4870s as well as the GTX260.

“MSI is back under the spotlight with a slick new video card with a sleek new cooler. MSI claims a 20 degree temperature reduction on this Radeon HD 4870 1GB, but is that accurate or just a lot of hot air? We’ll find out exactly what potential buyers can expect out of this low-priced dynamo!”

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