Out of the box the new Phenom II X4 940 runs a nice 3.0GHz, a nice speed for a $240ish investment.  For many enthusiasts that is merely the beginning, there are higher frequencies so close that it is irresistible to overclock at least a little.  Seeing as how this is a new architecture, the added challenge of being the first to hit an enormous overclock or to discover a BIOS tweak that has significant impact on the top frequency brings a bit of competition for AMD users.  iXBT might help you get a leg up on the X4 940 and the competition with the data you can read from their overclocking experiments.

“AMD has updated its gaming platform codenamed Dragon with launching Phenom II processors. As all other parts we’ve reviewed have turned out to be more attractive than competitors in our tests and in terms of features, it’s logical to assume that the new platform will merge all advantages of its constituent parts not just to make a poor part look better at the cost of other elements, but to raise platform attractiveness to a new level.”

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