Soapbox derbies are frowned upon in this risk averse society and build a CB radio is passe, perhaps the best way to get your kids into electronics is building an HTPC.  You are into TV, and it’s guaranteed that children are too, so harness that addiction into something constructive.  Not only does it involved TV, but the cases and components offer you a lot of choice, with enough limits from the form factor to stop those choices from becoming overwhelming.  Take a look at the Tagan Cupid 3 Mini-ITX HTPC case that Tweaktown just reviewed; not only is it interesting looking enough to keep kids interested, it is small enough that you will benefit from having a small pair if hands help you to place components.

“At this point in building and reviewing products, I have had my hands in quite a few types and models of cases. Not too long ago I was greeted with an e-mail asking if I would like to review a mini-ITX case. I accepted the challenge and went on Newegg and got a hold of a ZOTAC mini-ITX motherboard to go along with parts I already had on hand, ready for a build. The case finally arrived at my door from A+, one of three of the Cupid series. I asked for the Cupid 3 for reasons I will address later, but there is also a Cupid 1 and a Cupid 2 in this line-up. Growing up as a kid, I spent my winters building model cars and planes, which is what I liken this mini-ITX build to. With the interior space being very limited with the basic idea of the mini-ITX form factor, one needs to take their time and make sure everything is secure and in its proper place. Making sure you have a bit of extra time and patience is the key to making it all go together smoothly. The anticipation has gotten to me; I think it’s about time we get down to business and show what the A+ Cupid 3 has to offer the HTPC community.”

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