Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thermaltake Element S Mid-Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling  32

We had mixed feelings about the Element S after getting to the meat of the review during the installation process. The overall color scheme of the case is outstanding and definitely went on a different path than most PC cases we’ve seen. But, after getting past its beauty, we started to notice a few design flaws that could be addressed in the next revision of this case (if there is one).

The main issues we noticed involved helping reduce noise and vibration in the hard drive cage, optical bays, and fans. Simple rubber grommets would greatly help reduce these annoying issues and compliment the other anti-noise and vibration parts Thermaltake already included in the Element S. If the main marketing point for this case is to give users a silent solution for their PC components, then I think Thermaltake missed a couple opportunities to use some standard noise-reduction practices to help round out all the noise and vibration issues that arose during our review.

Overall, at this price point, the Element S definitely gives users something to think about. Users will have to weigh the pros and cons in this case because we also can’t make up our minds completely about this case. If you like an extremely clean-looking case on your desk and can forgo some basic cable management and noise reduction options, the Element S certainly should be on your short list for your next gaming rig. If you are looking for a more spacious, easy access case that you’ll be swapping parts out of frequently, users might want to look elsewhere to meet these needs.

Price: $119.99 at (check our pricing engine)


  • Noise reduction methods seemed to help reduce fan and hard drive noise
  • Matte-black finish gives users unique option that veers from standard PC cases in this price range
  • Three fans included (two 120mm, one 230mm)
  • Seven-bay, removable hard drive cage
  • Excellent air flow design

Minor Weaknesses:

  • Graphics cards will not fit if they are longer than 10.5″
  • No rubber grommets for noise/vibration reduction for hard drives and fans
  • No removable motherboard tray 
  • Tight fit for PSU and triple graphic card configurations
  • Fairly poor cable management for standard, non-modular PSUs
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