Final Thoughts and Conclusions
Thermaltake’s new SpinQ CPU cooler delivers good cooling performance with minimal noise and it looks great.  The fit-n-finish is good and the performance to noise ratio is above average.  The cooler is easy to install and features mounts for both Intel and AMD platforms.  However overclockers and users interested in maximum performance will likely want to look elsewhere.

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 20

The Thermaltake SpinQ CPU cooler is currently available and typically sells for around $65.00 USD. 


•    Aggressive styling looks very cool
•    Good build quality and innovative design
•    Good performance to noise ratio
•    Quiet squirrel-cage blower style fan optimizes airflow
•    Radial airflow helps cool components around the CPU socket area
•    Manual fan speed control included
•    Blue LED lights built in
•    Universal mounting system supports Intel LGA775, 1366 and AMD processors
•    Easy to install without removing the motherboard


•    Closed design limits using optional fans for higher performance
•    Lots of sharp-pointy edges

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 21

Thermaltake SpinQ CPU Cooler

I would like to thank our friends at Thermaltake for sending us the SpinQ cooler to review.  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price on any of Thermaltake’s products or anything else you may want to buy!

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