The new 3rd generation iPod shuffle has a number of interesting features, such as it’s tiny size and 4GB of storage for the same price as the previous 2GB model.  The battery life is down a little from 12 hours to 10 or more hours.  The biggest change is the buttons, or at least the lack thereof, as the only buttons to be found are on the headset.  What does this mean for your ability to control the music and how will you ever replace the Apple headphones with ones that actually fit in your ear and sound the way you want?  Read Ars Technica’s article for those answers and more.

“The third-generation iPod shuffle has caused quite a stir thanks to its lack of buttons and the inclusion of a proprietary headphone controller chip. At the same time, Apple fans are loving the even-sleeker music player. Ars takes a look in its latest review to see whether the pros are worth the cons.”

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