Pulling out and replacing motherboards stands near the top of the list of time consuming and fiddly tasks upgrading or repairing PCs will give you, right up there with swapping heatsinks.  ExtremeTech want’s to share the benefit of their long experience of playing with motherboards by offering up 30 tips to keep in mind while working with your motherboard.  Having a container handy to put the screws in may not sound like a huge revealation, but it can really help.

“It happens to all of us eventually, the ExtremeTech staff probably more than most. Whether due to failure or obsolescence—or after you’ve run out of alternative upgrade paths—it comes time to pull a motherboard out of a working system and replace it with something different.

That’s a job. It requires you to pull all of your expansion cards, disconnect and work around all the cabling, wrest the big board from sometimes-tight quarters within a case, prep the new board, wiggle it into that possibly cramped quarter, and, when you think you’re all done, you still have to coax Windows through the trauma of waking up with new hardware. “

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