GlacialLight, who are indeed related to GlacialTech, have released a new flashlight that also happens to be a very old joke.  The DynaSolar LED torch is indeed a solar powered flashlight.   Luckily it also comes with a hand crank for back up … you know when the sun goes down.  Thankfully that isn’t their only new product, they’ve a long lineup of LED lights in singles and in huge banks that will work as spotlights, without the heat generation and using a lot less power.  If having the ability to produce blinding light powered by the lighter in your car sounds like your kind of thing, visit The Inquirer for more.

“Because LEDs are several times more efficient than CFLs, which are in turn several times more efficient than incandescent lights, you can pull all sorts of neat tricks with them. That leads to devices like the GlacialLight DynaSolar LED torch. Yes, really, they did it… a solar-powered torch. It also has a crank just in case you are caught out in the dark without a sun to power it with.”

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