Before you completely ignore them, realize that the 17″ Acer eMachines G520 runs just over $500 and the G620 model is only a bit more.  Both are capable of 1440×900 resolution and have 2GB DDR2, a DVD-RW and a 160GB HDD, the differences lie in the chipsets and CPUs used.  The 520 has a 2GHz Celeron M 575 running on an Intel GL40 chipset with Intel X4500MHD powering the graphics.  The G560 hides a 2GHz AMD Athlon X2 QL-60 on a nVIDA 9100M.  Niether one will beat any speed records, but at a similar price to a netbook and without any of the eyestrain, InsideHW’s review is worth a look.

“Notebooks have obvious advantages over desktop configurations but also have one drawback: price. Now we can introduce to you two models that overcome that last obstacle that can unsettle you in deciding whether you will go for notebook or desktop. Since screen size does matter if you decide to get a notebook, we found two 17 inch models: Acer eMachines G620 and G520. After first encounter with eMachines notebooks we weren’t that impressed with design but now some things have changed and impression is not that bad. These are still black models made out of average quality plastics but on the other hand with lowest price in their league…”

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