A PSU sitting in the megawatt range is no longer enough to raise eyebrows, they are becoming a common site in high end rigs.  A PSU that breaks one megawatt at 50C is a little more impressive, especially when that power is coupled with the long list of features that the Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W PSU does.  There is really nothing to add to Lee’s review, he has done his usual stellar job of testing every possible part of this Editor’s Choice Award winning PSU.

“Enermax continues to raise the bar with the introduction of their new Revolution85+ power supply units. The Revolution85+ 1,050W exhibited excellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, with relatively clean DC outputs and quiet operation. And Enermax includes an excellent compliment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors to distribute over 1,000W of power. If you are looking for a top quality PSU in the 1,000+W range, this one will be hard to beat.”

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