As Ryan posted earlier, there is a page to advertise the new ASUS Rampage II Gene Micro-ATX motherboard that is more than a little strange.  Hit that page and you might think that you are actually buying a genetically engineered supersoldier that supports LGA1366 CPUs.  On the other hand, if you are curious as to what the actual product is, you may be happier at ExtremeTech where they have an actual board in for review, supersoldier not included.

“ASUS has broken a barrier. The company has built an almost-full-featured microATX board and branded it within its impressive Rampage line. The Rampage II Extreme, for instance, is a tough board with tons of features and power to spare. Now most of that muscle is available in the compact microATX form factor with the Rampage II Gene.

The R2G, if you will, which comes in at about 9.5-inch square, features the latest Intel chipset, support for Core i7 CPUs, two PCI Express X16 slots, stunning overclocking capabilities, and lots of other stuff to brag about. Take a look at this board if you’re building small but desire brute force.”

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