The Xigmatek NRP-MC751 is a 750W PSU that you can get your hands on for $100, once you get your mail in rebate back.  This sounds like a great deal, though it faces some fierce competition, [H]ard|OCP mentions the Corsair TX750W can be picked up for the same price as can the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W.  Xigmatek has a mixed record at [H]ard|OCP, placing in the fail, pass and award winning categories with different models.  Check out the full review to see where this one placed.

“We have seen Xigmatek shine and fail when it comes to building computer power supplies. How does the company do today with a $110 (after $20 MIR) 750 watt power supply? Once again we get to see if “No Rules Power” violates ATX rules.”

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