If you are curious as to how the public beta of Windows 7 compares to Vista SP1, then Ryan has about 28 pages worth of material that you have to read.  There are four tiers of system that he tested running from the low end of the spectrum to the best money can buy, and compared the performance of both nVIDIA and AMD cards at all tiers.  There is an incredible amount of information and while it may not show the true face of the final Windows 7, you can certainly get a feel for the OS.  Once the release candidate arrives, revisiting the benchmarks will give a much more precise prediction.

“As I mentioned on the one of the first pages of this article (that was a LOONG time ago…) the only fair comparison for looking at pure Vista versus Windows 7 gaming results is with AMD’s graphics cards and their unified Catalyst 9.3 driver that supports both operating systems. To that end, the AMD situation showed us that users will likely see very modest performance gains moving over from a Windows Vista gaming system to a Windows 7-based PC. Considering how early we are into the life of Windows 7 (it is still in beta after all), this is a very welcome shift from how things worked before Windows Vista’s release.”

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