HEXUS has pegged the MSRP for the upcoming OCZ Z-Drive, that array of SSDs in a PCI-E 4x slot.  The 250GB version will be 950BP, say $1400USD, for ony $2150 you can double that storage, but of you want the big 1TbB model, you’d better have over $3300 kicking around.  To full enjoy the extra bandwidth, you should also pick up a regular SSD for your OS drive.  Not only will that help the transfer rates on your swap file and OS, there are not too many motherboards out there with a boot from PCI-E option.

“When we first saw OCZ’s Z-Drive at this year’s CeBIT show, a 1TB SSD, made up of four 256GB drives in RAID0, all housed in a graphics-card like enclosure and interfacing with the system via a PCI-Express x16 slot, we thought it was style over substance, designed to woo the crowds and press. Who would come to market with a drive like that?

The answer is OCZ, of course. The drives will be presented in much the same form-factor as we saw at CeBIT, hooking up to the system via a PCIe x4 link, to mitigate any potential bandwidth bottlenecks that may occur via a regular SATA interface.”

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