When you think of setting up an active phase change cooling system, you tend to be planning to get a big overclock on an high end gaming system.  [H]ard||OCP is going at it in a different way, using a Thermaltake Xaser VI case in conjunction with a Xpressar Refrigeration System to create a very quiet running system with a mild overclock.  As it turns out, while that is certainly a possibility, the Xpressar is powerful enough to handle a big overclock by sacrificing it’s quiet side.

“Thermaltake, a leading manufacturer of cases for PC enthusiasts, is here to show us their cooler side. The Xpressar Refrigeration system is Thermaltake’s first attempt in serious phase change cooling. This is a “micro” refrigeration system aimed at silence rather than balls out 24/7 overclocking.”

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