For just $60 you can get your hands on Tom Clancy’s new HAWX as well as a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X.  Flight sims are on the decline, so the joystick market has changed a bit.  What was once a diverse market with a huge amount of choice and price ranges has evolved into a market with really nasty low end joysticks or expensive metallic works of art that can run you hundreds of dollars.  The middle ground is very sparse.  The Thrustmaster certainly qualifies as inexpensive, but it is a full joystick and throttle controller.  Drop by Driverheaven and see if you might be interested in picking up the bundle, even if you never plan on playing the game.

“Thrustmaster have been in operation for many years manufacturing PC and video game accessories and today we’ll be looking at their limited edition T.Flight Hotax S joystick supplied with the new Tom Clancy fighter pilot simulation, HAWX.

To test the bundle we decided to use the fantastic XFX 4890 to power the graphics – this card won our highest Heavenly Gold Award in recent testing.”

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