At first glance the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R is quite unique, it comes in a plastic clamshell and bears an ECO 80 very prominently instead of its specs.  Once it is opened, you can see it has a pair of 17A 12V rails that can handle a maximum of 408W combined, something far more normal than the fans built into the PSU.  BCCHardware’s testing did find that the power this PSU provides is stable, check out their full review here.

“The Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R 550W PSU is an interesting unit. It has a few innovative ideas – mainly the fan on the outside of the box that adds to the curb appeal. It appears to be very stable in terms of voltage as well as ripple and noise. In fact, it’s probably one of the most stable PSUs we’ve tested around here. You’d think that it would be a hands-down winner, but it does have a couple of issues…”

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