For just $135 you can pick up the Asus M4N72-E 750a which handles DDR2-1200, has a pair of PCIe 2.0 x16 slots and a long list of enhancements to the power and thermal characteristics of the board.  Bjorn3D found that the overclocking potential of the board may not be as strong as others from ASUS, which can be an important factor in some peoples decisions.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a solid, fully equiped board without spending too much money, then this might be the board for you.
“Asus comes at us again with another board for the AMD camp. We all know that Intel’s Core i7 and the X58 platform is where it’s at right now, but if you’re a lowly guy like me you can’t afford the toys for the big boys. Or, if you can, the wife doesn’t want you spending that hard earned money for something to take your attention off her *wink*. Anyways, today we will be evaluating the Asus M4N72-E 750a Motherboard designed for the Phenom II CPU set. There has been controversy over whether or not to make the jump to DDR3 and I will be making a few comparisons to not only our different makers of chipsets but also to DDR3 and DDR2. Is it really worth it? You will just have to take a peek and see!”

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