When you think of Shuttle, you tend to think of small cubic case for low powered systems and HTPCs, but the SP45H7 is a little different.  It’s not just a stylishly small box, it’s a box with watercooling hidden inside.  Shuttle managed to get both the reservoir and the pump inside the box and ExtremeTech crowded it even further with an HD4850 for their testing.  Read on to see what they thought of Shuttle’s newest inspiration.

“When the company announced it was offering a liquid cooling option for its systems, though, we figured it was time to go back and take a look. Shuttle shipped us a barebones SP45H7 with a preinstalled AO/AT-LCS1 liquid cooling kit. Is it really possible to cram liquid cooling into one of Shuttle’s tiny cases? And if you do, how usable is the system? We built a system to find out.”

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