The Thermaltake Big Typ 14 Pro is a big cooler, 156mm x 155mm x 128mm to be exact, with a 140mm fan to provide the cooling.  In some cases it lacks features, for instance there is no back plate and it’s shape can interfere with larger DIMMs, both problems for extreme overclockers, but not for those looking for a mild overclock.  As Bjorn3D points out, this cooler is specifically for those who want a small overclock without sacrificing their eardrums.  Check out the review to see how well Thermaltake did.

“There are a lot of new and exciting CPU coolers hitting the market recently and Thermaltake isn’t a company to let others have all the glory. They’ve recently released the SpinQ and Big Typ 14 Pro. Both are innovative but aimed at different segments of the market. The SpinQ is aimed at the crowd that wants a unique look but doesn’t care much about overclocking. The Big Typ 14 Pro is more aimed at overclocking and has a 140 mm fan that promises to deliver massive airflow with minimal noise. Thermaltake is a large enough company that they can afford to explore different market segments. The Big Typ 14 Pro is aimed at the mild to mid range overclocker who wants a silent computing experience.

Understanding that, Thermaltake aims for a specific market segment is key to reviewing their products. A lot of review sites ignore that a product can be aimed at a specific market segment and the reviews show that. Taking the time to correspond with the vendors and understand the product and market its intended for helps to review the product in the correct frame of reference. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Thermaltake Big Typ 14 Pro.”

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