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Allyn runs a HighPoint RocketRaid 4310 through the gauntlet. Into the mix goes an Areca 1231ML and a whole bunch of Intel X25-M series SSD’s. Can the newer generation HighPoint take on the tried and true Areca? Read on to find out!
So you’re considering a RAID, eh?  HighPoint might have just what you’re looking for.  Today we’re going to put a RocketRaid 4310 through its paces.  HighPoint used to be known as those guys that made the add-on controllers that were present on many a motherboard back in the days of Pentium 2’s and old school Celerons.  Over the years they have broadened their horizons, and their lineup currently includes the most recent SAS+SATA controller chips from Intel.  You might think a just-released SAS RAID controller would go for a pretty penny.  Think again, because HighPoint has a plan to get one of these in your hot little hands.

HighPoint RocketRaid 4310 SAS/SATA RAID Controller Review - Storage 26
This thing is tiny!

We start right off with a catch.  These SAS boards, while compatible with SATA, generally include only a Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS connector.  What this means to you is an extra ~$30 to $40 to spring for the necessary Mini-SAS to 4xSATA patch cable.  Possible exceptions to this are if you are using some form of internal backplane that accepts Mini-SAS directly (such as a Mac Pro).

HighPoint RocketRaid 4310 SAS/SATA RAID Controller Review - Storage 27
HighPoint included the necessary cable for our review sample, but this is *not* the cable included with retail stock.


This HighPoint card comes with a plethora of specifications, and supports the vast majority of enterprise-class features.

Host Adapter Architecture:
Intel IOP348 (800 MHz)
Up to 256MB DDR-II Memory
PCI-Express x8
1 internal mini-SAS/SATA Device connector
Up to 4 SAS/SATA Hard Drives 128 max hard drives via SAS expanders
NCQ (Native Command Queuing)
Battery Backup Unit Ready (BBU-03)
Low Profile
Supported RAID Feature:
RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD
Multiple RAID Support 
Online Array Roaming
Automatic RAID Rebuild
Automatic Drive Insertion
Quick Initialization
Online Capacity Expansion / Online RAID Level Migration
Hot Spare – (global)
Configurable stripe size
Staggered Drive Spin-up
Bad Sector Repair and Remapping
BIOS Booting Support
HighPoint RAID Management (HRM) Suite:
Web GUI management utility
CLI (Command Line Interface)
Firmware / BIOS Management
Monitor, Alert & Indicator:
SMTP (Email Notification)
(Hard drive activity and failure) LED
SAF-TE chassis environment monitoring
Package Content:
RocketRAID 4310 Series SAS/SATA Hardware RAID Controller
RocketRAID SAS/SATA user manual
Software CD with (Drivers and Manual)
Low profile bracket
1 internal mini-SAS to internal mini-SAS
3 years
Retail Dimension:
(167.0mm x 68.0mm) 6.75”L x 2.63”W
Operating Temperature:
Work Temp +5C ~+ 55C
Storage Temp ~20C ~80C
Relative Humidity 5% ~ 60% non condensing
Operating Voltage:
PCI-e : 12 V 3.3V/ Power: 12V – 15W
Regulator Certification:
Mean Time Before Failure 920,585 Hours

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