Ars Technica has updated their Systems Guide for the summer, reworking all three tiers of their recommendations.  The budget box, sans OS, will set you back less that $700 and will handle any game you throw at it, if you stick with a 22″ screen.  For about $1600 their Hot Rod will give you blazing speeds on a 24″ monitor and would probably have the power to handle a 30″ screen.  The God Box is only $12,623.68 right now, but considering that almost every component, including the 30″ LCDs come in pairs, it really isn’t that bad a price.

“It’s been a long time coming, but our System Guide is finally back. There are some major changes this time around, but you might be surprised at the nature of some of the upsets. As always, the Budget Box, the Hot Rod, and the God Box span the full spectrum of price and performance.”

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