The Foxconn Bloodrage certainly has a powerful name, one almost as powerful as the hype that has been spread about the power of the board.  It is an X58 that is going it alone, no NForce 200 MCP to be found but you do get a SONAR X-Fi card to give a little more audio power to the board.  [H]ard|OCP were looking forward to seeing the test results and the overclocking potential of the board but were stopped by a pair of problems.  One was the incredible recalcitrance of the board to do anything, including not have pieces fall off; the second being the Foxconn’s tech rep willingness to utter the phrase “This is broke, hope you have better luck than we did.” and leave it at that.

“The Foxconn BloodRage was one of the most anticipated X58 boards made. The board comes packed with innovative features seemingly poised for “extreme” overclocking. Whether these statements are hype, marketing fluff, or fact remains to be seen. Read on as we separate the fact from fiction.”

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