The Conficker worm has finally managed to something more than make people snicker at it’s name; it’s using P2P to transfer encrypted files.  The  chances are very good that it is doing so to update its self via the bot net it created.  As far as the infection goes, if you somehow managed to catch it and not get rid of it, then you have a keylogger or something similar on your system.  After May 3rd, the worm will go dormant and stop spreading, but infected machines will remain a problem.  Drop by The Inquirer and CNet for more information on what the little worm is up to.

“THE OVER-RATED Conflicker worm, which was supposed to mean the end of the world on April 1, has actually done something.

Apparently it has updated itself and dumped a mystery payload on infected computers, according to Trend Micro. The data package seems to be a keystroke logger and so the worm is probably after secret data.

Windows users who have not updated their computer with the latest updates are likely to be targets”

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